The Union of hunters Železniki takes care of the hunting ground in the middle of Selška dolina (Selška valley) in the NW part of Slovenia. The land is mostly wooden and partly mountanainous. It offers beautiful views of intact nature and it's thickly settled by wild animals. We offer hunting a determinated number of chamoises to our guests (game tourists), who we lead through our hunting ground. Besides that you can use our touristic services, which include food, drink and accomodation in our cottage in Prtovč. You can reach us on our address in Železniki or call the above phone numbers.


CHAMOIS (rupicapra rupicapra)
Shooting - season: Buck and doe - from 1.8. to 31.12.
rutting season - from 1. to 31.11.

The daily hunting fee amounts to 80€.
The daily hunting fee covers: - organization of the hunt, admission to the hunting ground, fee for the stalking guide;

Advance payment 300 € per hunter must be paid, when the date of hunt is defined. Advance payment will be included in trophy fee or will be returned in case of unsuccessful hunt. Every tracing of the wounded game – 50 €.

The hunting guest may take with him the horns and the beard of the taken game. Handling of the trophy (EU mount - skull) costs 40 €. If the hunting guest wants to take with him the head incl. chest coat of the taken game, he has to pay 50 € in addition; the entire coat costs 80 €. Venison of the taken game animals can be purchased at the daily price. Boars and lodging have to be paid for separately.

Price list of trophies on request.

Fee for a chamois (a buck or a doe):


to 90 points


from 91,1 to 95 points


from 95,1 to 100 points


from 100,1 to 105 points


from 105,1 to 110 points



For each additional point 200 €.

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